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The Center for Arts and Culture (CAC) at the Central European University (CEU) was established in 2003 with the aim to stimulate research and curricula development in the field of arts & culture and cultural policy, to stir culture-related debate within the university, and to provide the CEU community with an inspiring artistic program that would bring together students from all disciplines, academic staff and Budapest citizens.

Sophia Labropoulou (kanun) and Vassilis Ketentzoglou (guitar) are two outstanding musicians of the acoustic music scene. After having
Simply English was formed in or around 1995, and is the only formation in Hungary to deliberately perform English (rather than Celtic) folk and other
A Sonic Experiment by Participants of Soundwalks Workshop at CEU Organized by Judit Emese Konopás, Lucia Udvadyova and Center for Arts and Culture
ABSTRACT//PRACTICAL OVERVIEW//   The workshop draws on theoretical practices of sound art, psychogeography, urbanism, culture studies,
Salomon Rossi (1570-1630): Psalm 12 Jeney Zoltán (1943-): Honneni Elohim - Psalm 51/50 - excerpt from Funeral Rite Salomon Rossi (1570-1630): Psalm
The first workshop will be between 5.30 and 7.30 PM on October 10, Monday at Auditorium A (Nádor u. 15.)   Students, staff and faculty members
TANGO Workshop Led by two professional tango dancers: Lucas (Argentina) & Judit (Hungary) Apart from a class where you will get familiar with the
New location for Classicus Ensemble concerts!HUNGARIAN COMPOSITIONS AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURYKodály: Sonata for Solo Cello (1915)-Bartók: String