February 21, 2007 - 19:00 - 21:30
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)

BEFORE DAWN (Hungary, 2005, 13 min., dir: Kenyeres Bálint)
Before dawn, the wheat is quietly undulating on the hillside. Before dawn, people will rise and other people will take away their hope. The film is winner of many Best Short Film Awards e.g. from Arizona International Film Festival, European Film Academy, Seattle International Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival.

 DEALER (Hungary, 2004, in Hungarian with English subtitles, 135 min., dir: Fliegauf Benedek)
The film illustrates one day in the life of a drug-dealer. Extreme dramatic episodes follow one after the other. The protagonist moves about in various stratas of society, yet the film is not primarily about the drug scene. Instead, it explores a personal tragedy, through which it examines the primeval questions of life. To what extent can people influence their own fate? When do people make the wrong decisions, which of these decisions can lead to tragedies? At times the film is shocking but this is not intended as an end in itself. These shocking events come together with the theme and with the filmmakers’ conviction that it would be unethical to create illusions about the drug problem. Dealer was also awarded several times: e.g. Pula Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

A conversation to follow with the participation of the filmmakers: Benedek Fliegauf and Bálint Kenyeres, moderated by Oksana Sarkisova (OSA).