March 20, 2010 - 19:30 - 22:00
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CEU Residence Center
Kerepesi ut 87.
47° 30' 19.35" N, 19° 9' 19.818" E
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Open to the Public

EtnoRom was founded in 2005 by József Balog and Ágnes Künstler the world-famous ex-soloists of ‘Kalyi Jag’ Gypsy folk group. The members are the virtuosos of Gypsy music who grew up singing and playing music and now tour the world from Japan to the United States. Their music broke borders. It was celebrated world-wide as the ‘first authentic Romany music’ from Central-Eastern Europe. EtnoRom has an alternative approach towards G...ypsy music in merging the authentic tunes with contemporary world music, swing and jazz elements. EtnoRom's music preserves the real traditional Gypsy music, and, at the same time, integrates cutting edge 21st century musical trends.

The concert is part of the International Cultural Day's events and is organized by the CEU Residence Center, the Student Union and the Center for Arts and Culture.