W.H. - Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Songs Free-Jazz-SpokenWord-Improv-Theatre-Poetry

October 15, 2012 - 19:30 - 21:00
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
W.H. - Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Songs Free-Jazz-SpokenWord-Improv-Theatre-Poetry

The formation W.H. was initiated by cellist/composer Albert Márkos, with the aim to place the sonnets and other works of William Shakespeare into the musical environment of present times. The name refers to a monogram used in the 1609 Quarto edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, which was mysteriously dedicated to a certain Mr W.H. (The enigmatic dedication is still a matter of neverending debates.)

The band’s members are all celebrated artists in the Hungarian music scene, their names appear in various other groups of high esteem. Although they come from different backgrounds and all have their own approach to music with distinctive artistic preferences, when they come together in W.H., the variety of their musical contribution results in a totally unique style. Hungary’s top hip-hop diva MC Sena’s vocal skills and the three musicians’ improvisational aptitude, together with Shakespeare’s lyricism exhibit a new form of entertainment infused with education, which eventually intermingle into an incomparable sound and an absorbing show indeed – with the greatest respect and decorum to the ever-living artistry and magnitude of William Shakespeare.

The first album of W.H. - entitled Shakespeare’s Sonnets – was released by Bly Records in December 2009, as a special Anniversary record dedicated to the very first publication of the works - 400 years ago. 

The second album – Crabbed Age and Youth / William Shakepseare's Sonnets & Songs - was released jointly by Budapest-based DDK Records and BlyWorx in 2012, with the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. As a continuation of the first one, the second album is another classy selection, including eight original pieces from the 154 Sonnets, and additionally presenting two songs: the catchy Come Away, Come Away Death from the play Twelth Night, which is on popular demand lately at concerts, and the title poem Crabbed Age and Youth, taken from the Passionate Pilgrim. The concept of playing with and mixing different genres is prevalent again, beside the classsical influences, free jazz or performance poetry, the listener can now also hear some afrobeat and other unusual elements in the new repertoir. Two guest musicians also add to the unique sound: Márton Fenyvesi on guitar, and Ákos Zságer-Varga on keyboards.

The live show includes the texts projected on a screen, both the original facsimile version in English and the translations in the language of the given country.



Sena Dagadu - vocals, texts 

Albert Márkos - violoncello 

Samu Gryllus - bass guitar

Hunor G. Szabó – percussions, bass guitar

Balázs Vajna /VJ Lee Unflyable - visuals