Polish New Wave: WALKOVER by Skolimowski - New Wave and Neo-Avantgarde Cinema Film Club

January 23, 2013 - 19:00 - 21:00
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
Polish New Wave: WALKOVER by Skolimowski - New Wave and Neo-Avantgarde Cinema Film Club

(1965, in Polish with English subtitles, 77 mins.)

Introduced by Balázs Trencsényi

Emerging as one of the most original voices of the Polish New Wave, Jerzy Skolimowski (b. 1938) channeled his prodigious talents – as an actor, poet, writer, director, painter and art designer – into a series of visually intense and poetically structured films that capture the restless imagination of the postwar generation of filmmakers and filmgoers. In early works such as Rysopis, made while he was a students at the legendary Lodz film school, and Walkover, Skolimowski crafted iconic portraits of aimless zouth and failed ambition that cut with a sharp satiric edge and garnered him international acclaim and invitations to direct abroad. Eventually choosing to leave Poland in 1967 after the draconian censorship of his politically outspoken Hands up!, Skolimowski quickly established himself as a pioneering artist of the postwar European art cinema, creating such iconic films as The Shout and Deep End.

Skolimowski wrote and stars in Walkover, a loose sequel to Rysopis, which also follows a daz and a half in the life of a disaffected hero, now a middle-weight boxer drifting across Poland hustling his way into amateur tournaments. A brooding farewell to youth, Walkover also delivers a satiric critique of Polish bureaucratic paternalism that depicts Church and State as strangely threatrical and alienating realms. Set against the ominous background of massive State-run factories, Walkover makes dramatic use of the moving camera to choreograph movemetn across and within the frame and to give a symbolic charge and complexity to its mise-en-scene.


The screening is related to the Approaches to Counter Cultures seminar led by Gábor Klaniczay and Balázs Trencsényi on Thursday, January 24, 5.20 PM in TIGY Room.