New Wave and Neo-Avantgarde Cinema Film Club: Agitators / Agitátorok and The Selection / A válogatás

February 20, 2013 - 19:00 - 20:30
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
New Wave and Neo-Avantgarde Cinema Film Club: Agitators / Agitátorok and The Selection / A válogatás

Next screening of the New Wave and Neo-Avantgarde Cinema Film Club featuring Hungarian films.

introduced by Gábor Klaniczay (Department of Medieval Studies, CEU)

The selection / A válogatás

director: Gyula Gazdag

(Hungarian, 1970, 40 mins)

An industrial company's KISZ (The Hungarian Communist Youth League) is looking for a beat band through radio announcement. The film report starts as if recording an everyday event, as a documentary, however, the happenings create the importance of dealing with the event's contradiction: the process, the decisive factors of the band's selection have changed, the original aim has been replaced by formal and useless requirements. The subjective and organizational background is displayed by the participants of the selection. 

Agitators / Agitátorok

director: Dezső Magyar

(Hungarian, 1969, 82 mins)

The movie takes a unique perspective to the paradoxical story of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. The real historical background serves more as an excuse to search for a general model of Revolution, which can be applied to later ones (1956 and 1968). The validity of this film about youth made by youth is all the more founded for featuring well-known figures of the opposition of the late 60s who convey the conflicts depicted in the film with great insight and empathy. As a consequence of the strongly topical political  message and the "persona non grata" status of the featured participants, after its completion, the film was boxed up and, shortly after, its director left the country. Thus, Agitators could not elicit proper effect in its own day. 


The screening is related to the Approaches to Counter Cultures seminar led by Gábor Klaniczay and Balázs Trencsényi on Thursday, February 21, 5.20 PM in TIGY Room, in conversation with Gyula Gazdag, director of The Selection.


 Free entry.