Dancing Nature - photo and film installation with live performance

February 21, 2014 - 18:00 - March 21, 2014 - 21:00
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
Auditorium foyer and Laptop Area
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Open to the Public
Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)

„When the waving of trees, the sighing of the wind, the freshness of the air affect our senses directly… When we get out of some confined place into the open air… When we are overcome by some natural energy, a sensation, which empowers us to unite with the surrounding natural environment…”

"Dance and Nature" photo and film installation are composed along the values of Empathy, Accepting, Adopting and Uniting.
The purpose of the show - dancer Janka Balogh is also going to give a short live performance - is to present how the meaning of dance changes when transported from the box-like context of theatre into Nature. This change offers a complex aesthetic quality to the viewer: simultaneous experiencing of natural elements and dance harmonizing with them. At the same time, the dancer gains power and inspiration by drawing on the energies of Nature and on the physical experience of acting in organic unity with surrounding Nature.

We invite to reflect on how effectively the individual engrossed in the natural environment through body movement (both viewer and dancer) can draw energies to master their most general human problems, in a spiritual manner rather than in a common mechanical way. In addition to the photos, a short film of dance can also be seen as installation, with music specially composed on “Winter” by Orsolya Vági, cellist of Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Collaborating partners: GYULA HAJDÚ, Fisher photography
“Portraiture is perhaps the most challenging branch of photography. It is not easy, since its mission is to catch and reveal what often even the model is unaware of. The photographer must find the personality of the individual and create an image of it in such a manner as makes it appear authentic. 
Dance photography is very similar to this. For an authentic image, the photographer must understand, or at least guess the dancer’s feelings, thoughts and intentions. It is only by searching these that a special moment, movement or position can be captured. All this is similar to a journey, when visiting a foreign country you take pictures of places, buildings and people that captivate your attention. 
This show is about a similar journey, a journey into a world created by another person. Travel photos of a real-life journey into an imagined world.” 

“As a dancer contributing to the project, while dancing in the open air surrounded by the natural objects of the landscape, I experienced the power of some special energy that remained with me for hours even when I had returned to my usual social context after the photography. This I found surprising and fascinating. But what was even more amazing was a strange sensation, as if I were further away from my usual social surroundings, someone existing at a higher energy level who can approach the solution of personal problems and can deal with conflicts from an entirely new aspect, unknown to me before.“
Janka Balogh graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy and besides teaching contemporary and modern dance, she is also working freelance as a member of Medic’all Art Dance, a free improvisation company. 

Free entry. 

Reception to follow