SKODA, WAITERS and STRAWBERRIES - Czechoslovak Comedies from the '70s and '80s

March 24, 2014 - 18:00 - April 1, 2014 - 20:00
Nador u. 11
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
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SKODA, WAITERS and STRAWBERRIES - Czechoslovak Comedies from the '70s and '80s

6 PM, March 24, Monday: Run, Waiter, Run! 
(Vrchní, prchni, dir.: Ladislav Smoljak, 1981)
Bookseller Dalibor Vrána is one day accidentally mistaken for a waiter. As his financial situation is really bad he thinks it’s not actually such a bad idea to take advantage of the situation and starts playing the waiter-role regularly. From time to time he dresses up into tuxedo, goes to restaurants, collects money from a few customers and then disappears. At home he explains the sudden income increase with becoming a famous bar violinist. But the pitcher that goes often to the well is broken at last….

6 PM, March 25, Tuesday: Sun, Hay, Strawberries 
(Sunce, seno, jahody, dir.: Zdeněk Troška, 1983)

A summer comedy Sun, Hay and Strawberries is showing in a funny way life in a small village in South Bohemia. University student Simon Planicka came to that village to work on his project. He tries to find out if culture of environment has any impact to milk yielding on local cows. At the beginning nobody wants to hear about his plan to decorate cow house but everything changes when villagers discover that Simon is a son of regional officer… 

6 PM, March 31, Monday: Mareček, Pass Me the Pen!
(Marečku, podejte mi pero!, dir.: Oldřich Lipský, 1976)

Jiří Kroupa (Jiří Sovák), a master in the factory for agricultural machinery, has the opportunity for promotion, but he would have to study at the technical evening college. Kroupa resists vehemently, but finally succumbs to the urging of the members of the workshop committee and enrolls for the school. He studies at the same educational institution as his son and sits in the same chair.

6 PM, April 1, Tuesday: How Poets Are Losing Their Illusions (Jak básníci přicházejí o iluze, Dušan Klein, 1985)

This is the second in a series of films about a young, ideological poet, Štěpán Šafránek, who is studying to be a doctor. The film focuses on the main character's romantic relationships but is also filled with social commentary. The poetically gifted Štěpán becomes a medical student and Kendy starts studying filmmaking at FAMU. They are getting through the usual university obstacles, like the anatomy exam or conquering Marcela's heart.

With introduction of Veronika Heé, Professor of the Czech Studies Department at ELTE, Budapest