Chinese Cultural Day

January 23, 2015 - 12:45 - 17:00
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
Octagon, Laptop Area, Auditorium, Gellner Room, MB 203, N11 002
Event type: 
Social Events
Event audience: 
CEU Community Only
Center for Academic Writing
Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
Zhang Wei - Master and Chief Teacher of the first Chinese painting and calligraphy school in Hungary

The Cultural Day will offer lots of interactive and playful activities, such as Chinese calligraphy drawing, mask painting, jigsaws, learning to speak a bit of Chinese, trying on traditional wedding clothes, and the opportunity to taste Chinese food. An original calligraphy exhibition by Zhang Wei, master and chief-teacher of the first calligraphy school in Hungary will accompany Chinese Cultural Day.

In order to take part in these activities and to taste delicious Chinese food at the end of the day, the organizers ask you to register, get a "passport" at Octagon, and collect stamps by learning interesting aspects of Chinese culture, and immersing yourself in the beauties of China.

Chinese Cultural Day is organized in cooperation with the Confucius Institute Szeged, the Chinese Art Center and takes place within the frame of the International Festival.


12.45-13.30: Dragon and Lion Dance - MB ground floor
13.00-13.30: Opening Ceremony with a calligraphy show - Auditorium
13.30-17.00: Mask Painting - In front of Gellner Room
13.30-17.00: Chinese Calligraphy Workshop - Gellner Room
13.30-17.00: Jigsaw Puzzle - Laptop area
13.30-17.00: Learn to speak Chinese - MB 203
13.30-17.00: Beautiful and charming China quiz - N11 002
13.30-17.00: Trying on traditional wedding clothes - Octagon
13.30-17.00: Chinese food show and tasting - Auditorium foyer

Calligraphy exhibition of Zhang Wei can be visited between January 20 and 30, 2015 in the Exhibition Hall in front of the Gellner Room.