Concert of HolddalaNap

October 14, 2015 - 20:00 - 21:30
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
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Concert of HolddalaNap

HolddalaNap (‘MoonSingsSun', or 'MoonWithSun’) was founded by experienced Hungarian musicians who mix Hungarian folk and Roma singing techniques with vibrating Flamenco or Latin melodies and Oriental or Balkan rhythmes, and create their unique sound of their own poetic text by using a lot of improvisation and authentic acoustic folk instruments like Hungarian flute, kaval, tilinkó, bagpipe, zurna, tappan, violin, guitar, etc. The outcome is magical: it reaches the soul and lifts up the spirit. At the same time it makes you dance and moves you to the depth of rituals. 

Their album was listed among the top releases of 2014: “What we can feel first listening to Dandala is their giant collective belief in the power of playing and singing together, and the love for each ethnic musical tradition as they bring it under a common denominator, … What they do in the song Hold és felhő should be taught in a world music class.” – Lángoló Gitárok

Lídia Draskóczy (violin)
Barna Gábos (flutes, guitars)
Anna Gulyás (vocal, baglama)
Árpád Keresztes Nagy (vocal, lute, flute, bagpipe) 
Gábor Ölvedi (percussions, vocal)
Árpád Vajdovich (contrabass, vocal)
Alex Torres from Peru (guitar, vocal)
guest: Guszti Balogh

HolddalaNap is between the few groups who will represent Hungary in the WOMEX 2015 - the International World Music Expo of Budapest!

Admission is free!