How We Played the Revolution  (documentary, in Lithuanian with English subtitles, 2011, directed by Giedrė Žickytė, 67 min.) The story begins in
A Kossuth Prize and an Oscar are just two of the awards collected by world-famous Hungarian folk singer Márta Sebestyén. Singing in 30 languages,
Dog's Night Song (fiction film, in Hungarian with English subtitles, 1983, directed by Gabor Body)A disconcerting portrait of a Hungarian town thrown
Hundreds of propaganda and instructional films as well as short and full-length features were produced by the Film Studio of the Ministry of Interior
"Some habits are hard to die. When your first paid job is to make portraits and cartoons for a local newspaper, the need to draw will always be with
  J. S. Bach: C minor partita, BWV 826 (Sinfonia, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Rondeaux, Capriccio) transcribed by Marcell Dargay Péter
  ndrea Manzoni – piano Marcel Zaes – electronics What happens when a contemporary sound artist and a jazz pianist remain shut indoors in a
John Sutherland Earle performs a recital of piano music evoking themes of place, nature, and emotional states.  The program begins with Ives'