Interactive concert of the Classicus Ensemble with the contribution of CEU Music Club   "Terry" Riley is an American composer and performing
OTHER WORLDS (documentary, 2006, in Slovak with English subtitles, 75 min., dir: Marko Škop) Šariš, in the East of Slovakia is a very specific border
JAZZ CONCERT OF THE PECEK LAKATOS TRIO (HUN) Adorján Lakatos Pecek - piano Krisztián Lakatos Pecek - bass András Lakatos Pecek - drums The Pecek
BEFORE DAWN (Hungary, 2005, 13 min., dir: Kenyeres Bálint) Before dawn, the wheat is quietly undulating on the hillside. Before dawn, people will
FILM PREMIERE: "ELEVATION" (2006, drama, in English, 85 min., dir.: Michael Roes) Budapest, the New World. On the bank of the Great River two young
TWO SYLLABLES BEHIND (2004, in Slovak with English subtitles, 84 min., dir: Katarina Sulajova) A fresh perspective on contemporary life in Central
MELODRAMA (2005, Poland, in Polish with English subtitles, 19 min., dir.: Filip Marczewski) The film captures one moment in the life of a teenager
MONKEYS IN THE WINTER (Feature film, 2006, Bulgaria/Germany, in Bulgarian with English subtitles, 111 min.) Dir.: Milena Andonova Three interwoven
A COLD COKE IN THE DAYS OF THE COLD WAR (Documentary, 2005, Bulgaria, in Bulgarian with English subtitles, 56 min.) Dir.: Irina Nedeva, Evgenia