TWO SYLLABLES BEHIND (2004, in Slovak with English subtitles, 84 min., dir: Katarina Sulajova) A fresh perspective on contemporary life in Central
MELODRAMA (2005, Poland, in Polish with English subtitles, 19 min., dir.: Filip Marczewski) The film captures one moment in the life of a teenager
MONKEYS IN THE WINTER (Feature film, 2006, Bulgaria/Germany, in Bulgarian with English subtitles, 111 min.) Dir.: Milena Andonova Three interwoven
A COLD COKE IN THE DAYS OF THE COLD WAR (Documentary, 2005, Bulgaria, in Bulgarian with English subtitles, 56 min.) Dir.: Irina Nedeva, Evgenia
LOVE IS…(documentary, 2005, Bulgaria, in Bulgarian with English subtitles, 29 min.) Dir.: Ivan Tonev This is a love story, shaped by the sense of
THE WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD (Feature film, 2006, Romania/France, in Romanian with English subtitles, 106 min.) Dir.: Catalin Mitulescu
"BORDERLESS" - ethno jazz concert with VJ Horia Dumitrache (RO) - clarinet, Emil Biljarski (BG) - keyboard Horia Dumitrache was born in Suceava,
JAZZ CONCERT OF THE PACORA TRIO (SK) Stano Palúch - violin Marcel Comendant - cymbalom Róbert Ragan - bass Pacora Trio was founded in 2004 as a