A Storyteller's Tongue, Stories of Jazz & Blues

February 7, 2011 - 19:30 - 21:00
Nador u. 13
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CEU Community Only
Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
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A Storyteller's Tongue, Stories of Jazz & Blues

A woman fed up with being a colored woman determined to leave her husband and catch the 8:15 am train leaving Alabama, to Chicago. A man left to find answers to his manhood in a 30 year old yellow dress, in segregated, New Orleans. One of the wealthest men in the United States, finds love in Paris, his new wife finds death. Left penniless by her Vaudeville lover, Miss Lucy has one last song in her heart. And finally hear the good-bye that left tears in Arkansas and gave life to Kansas city-Kansas.

Original stories of sensuality, pain and murder captured in Jazz & Blues, by Jovelyn Richards, solo performance artist, featuring live music.

Budapest musicians' trained in traditional Hungarian Folk, Classical, Jazz and Blues collaborate with African-American Artist, Jovelyn Richards to celebrate the intimate connection of stories in theatrical storytelling. Set in the early to mid 1900's The character's and music of Storyteller's Tongue, reveals how both genres were informed by the back drop of the times, socially, politically and economically, and how race, gender and class were explored. Storyteller's tongue gives personal insight within character's lives and choice they explore, displaying the raw honesty that inspired the human emotions and inspiration for the creative force of Jazz and Blues.