“Conscience – neighbors” a commemoration of the Bosnian genocide

May 3, 2011 - 17:00 - 19:00
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Ráday Képesház
1092 Ráday u. 25.
47° 29' 9.78" N, 19° 3' 50.7708" E
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Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
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“Conscience – neighbors” a commemoration of the Bosnian genocide

Projection of photos by Velija Hasanbegovic, Bosnian photographer

Followed by a discussion with
Elmina Kulasic, university student, CEU
Nenad Dimitrijevic, associate professor, CEU

Guests will be welcomed on behalf of CEU by
Károly Bárd, Pro-Rector

The Central European University (CEU) has recently opened the photo exhibition of Velija Hasanbegovic which can be visited until May 6. Our guests are all affected by the subject because of their ethnicity. The following questions will be addressed during the discussion: Why and how is it possible that such horrors happen over and over again? Why can’t the neighbors intervene? What didn’t I do, what didn’t we do? We ourselves have been victims, perpatrators, passive bystanders: our roles keep changing. We will discuss our own responsibility, our limits, and our collective and/or individual sin. 

The aim of the discussion is to engage CEU’s diverse community of students and faculty and the Hungarian, Budapest audience in a dialogue and introspection. 

The discussion will be bilingual (Hungarian and English), translation is provided. The event is part of the Europoetika Fesztivál and is organized jointly by CAC at CEU and Ráday Könyvesház.