Film Screening

How We Played the Revolution  (documentary, in Lithuanian with English subtitles, 2011, directed by Giedrė Žickytė, 67 min.) The story begins in
Dog's Night Song (fiction film, in Hungarian with English subtitles, 1983, directed by Gabor Body)A disconcerting portrait of a Hungarian town thrown
Hundreds of propaganda and instructional films as well as short and full-length features were produced by the Film Studio of the Ministry of Interior
Episode 3 & 4: Zoran & Azra and Jagoda & Hamdija Ordinary Heroes is a multimedia educational project designed by Post-Conflict
Parador Hungaro (documentary, directed by Patrick Alexander and AsenethSuárez Ruiz, 79 min, in Spanish, English and Hungarian with English subtitles
  Symphony no. 42. (animated short, directed by Reka Bucsi, 2014 10') The film applies an unconventional narrative. It presents a subjective
Gardeners in the blocks (Panelkertészek with English subtitles, XVID, 2014, 6 min) Kangas (Kangák with English subtitles, XVID, 2014, 15 min) The
“Felvidek” is a multiethnic Slovak/Hungarian region in southern Slovakia. Far too often the region has been trapped in between the opposing interests