Pravo Band was established in 1997. Its musicians play Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian authentic folk music. Besides concerts, the Band
Singers/violoncellists Andrea Konstankiewicz and Dorota Barova come from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. Since their 2001 debut Tara Fuki
EtnoRom was founded in 2005 by József Balog and Ágnes Künstler the world-famous ex-soloists of ‘Kalyi Jag’ Gypsy folk group. The members are the
The legendary Hungarian alternative band, Balaton was founded in 1979. The band's lead singer and composer, Mihaly Vig is famous for writing the
Martenitsa/Martisor: Spring Party with Bulgarian Music, Dance and Food On March 1st Bulgarians celebrate a traditional holiday called Baba Marta to
Tarkany Muvek plays an organic mix of traditional Hungarian music and contemporary improvisational music that is called jazz nowadays. The main
Arpad Tzumo was born on 29 January 1980 into a musical family. He started playing the piano at the age of seven. He studied classical music at the
Tomas Liska is a young double-bass player who ranks among the best musicians and composers of the Czech music scene. During the past few years he