WWI was the first war with huge numbers of POWs. About 2.2 million POWs were located in ca. 50 camps in Austria-Hungary and about 2.9 million POWs
  For centuries the mirror has been the symbol of answers. We cannot see anything other in a mirror than what we possess within. The reflection
“Beirut, how can I start describing it? It is the most unstable place I ever lived at but maybe also the most friendly and open minded one. It is a
“Everything is connected to everything“ is the theme the fifth stopoverof the OUBEY MINDKISS Project’s Global Encounter Tour which brings the work of
A photo exhibition on the Yezidis of Iraq, their religion, festivals and everydays, as well as the aftermath of ISIS’ recent attack on the community.
Judith Rasson graduated in History, Library Services and Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She defended her PhD thesis in
Heni Griecs is an administrative coordinator at CEU and has been working here since 1999. Heni started taking photographs in 2007, after
accessorries The exhibition is the outcome of the cooperation of the Central European University Roma Access Program students and graduates with the