„The world is not so bad as we perceive it from the media. They just manipulate us and burn pictures into our head about a war far away. So why is
The ensemble was founded in Saint Petersburg in 2005. The ‘IMPULSE’ dance studio is one of the most successful artistic children and youth ensembles
'Your touch is tender and exciting. We join in an amorous embrace, but are enveloped in a maddening solitude. We wish to appear and to be together,
Bharatnatyam: A South Indian Classical Dance by Padmashri Pratibha Prahlad & Prasiddha Dance Repertory   Padmashri Prathibha Prahlad is a
The man tormented by his emotions is enamored by laughter, tears, anger and fear. His emotions are a spiral forming a loop and repeating the
PTAH Theatre: Birds Never Sleep Physichal theatre ’50 The story of a suitcase travelling trough time and space and a couple who love, hate, remember
Live new media and dance performance (22 min)Jury's Award of Antré Festival 2013The award winner “Dancing Graffiti” is a unique interdisciplinary
The creators and performers (leaders of L1 Association) always adapt their performance to the actual venue. It makes a difference when, where and who