Cultural Encounters – An Insight into Regions of Conflict (2005/2006)

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In its 2004/2005 “Encounters series” CAC presented the cultures of the majority of CEU students who come from Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This academic year the Center for Arts and Culture focuses on the cultures of regions that undergo conflict – regions that reach far beyond Central Europe. We would like to see how art strives to overcome conflict and build bridges of understanding. Does art have power to initiate reconciliation and point to ways out of social and political crisis? In a research-intensive university such as CEU, where academics from several disciplines – from social and political science to law to public policy - often deal with the issue of conflict, it will be interesting to add another, artistic “channel” for understanding of the issue. CAC aims to stimulate the articulation and sophistication of discourse on conflict by offering public lectures, photo-exhibitions, screening of documentaries and feature films, concerts, and other relevant artistic content. We count on the continuous student, faculty, and staff involvement, which on its own would aid the strengthening of CEU community life.