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The Center for Arts and Culture (CAC) at the Central European University (CEU) was established in 2003 with the aim to stimulate research and curricula development in the field of arts & culture and cultural policy, to stir culture-related debate within the university, and to provide the CEU community with an inspiring artistic program that would bring together students from all disciplines, academic staff and Budapest citizens.

      Liszt: Elegie              Zweite Elegie     
A concert for the Budapest university community with outstanding performance from acts and bands from all over Budapest.  What is this about?A
This exhibition is a short report of our four months’ work in Myanmar as CEU Global Teaching Fellows. Working for this project we encountered the
The ensemble was founded in Saint Petersburg in 2005. The ‘IMPULSE’ dance studio is one of the most successful artistic children and youth ensembles
Introduction: Agni parthene... Ote kathiltes... - Greek-Byzantine hymns 1./ Wa habibi - Traditional Lebanese Good Friday hymn in Arabic, 
Spring Fair at CEU Let us celebrate spring together with a colorful fair with various handicraft products made by cratfmen/women connected to CEU or
Saumya Shukla is an artist of the Indian Classical Dance – Kathak, a classical dance from North India. Encouraged by her parents to learn Kathak at
An exhibition of posters, pictures and articles of the "Hate Speech" Monologues performances at the occasion of the fifth main yearly performance.